Working Leader Series

The title may differ…Manufacturing Production Lead…Lead Teller...Call Center Lead…but the expectations are the same. This person is a Working Leader. Many are challenged by lack of formal authority and other constraints, but expected nonetheless to perform at the highest level for their teams and organization.

At ATW, we’ve been working with leads for close to 20 years to confront and overcome challenges and improve performance and job satisfaction. Now, we’re rolling out our proven training approach to companies of all sizes by offering a Working Leader Series!

Session 1: Communication Essentials

Everything in the workplace revolves around communication. Whether we are communicating as working leaders face-to-face or virtually, we must ensure the message sent is the message received. During this session, we will cover the fundamentals of effective communication. These fundamentals appear to be simple, yet we often fail to implement effectively and consistently.

Session 2: On-the-Job Training Techniques

In today’s “maximize resources” world, many working leaders are being called upon not only to perform their own duties, but to train others. While showing competency on the job, most working leaders aren’t equipped to be effective trainers. In this session we introduce Subject Matter Experts to adult learning theory through case studies, lecture, role play, and discussion. Participants will learn how to structure on-the-job training, encourage dialogue with trainees, recognize learning hurdles, and contribute to expected company results through their training efforts.

Session 3: Peer to Peer Feedback

Every day we give and receive feedback to others, which we mostly do informally. In the workplace, it’s important for working leaders to formalize our feedback process to provide feedback that is effective and received well by the other person. When feedback is delivered effectively, it can build relationships, increase productivity, and create a positive workplace culture.

Session 4: People Smarts - Emotional Intelligence

Many employees today have been conditioned to believe that emotions are unwelcome in the workplace—that decisions should be based upon cold, logical reason. In short, we “leave our emotions at home.” Today there is an increasing amount of research regarding emotional intelligence (EI), which indicates that proper understanding and use of emotions are critical to helping us be more effective employees, better communicators, and can be a critical skill for working leaders.

Session 5: CEO of You - Lead Yourself to Success

We often think we are dependent on others to reach our goals and achieve success. But, we don’t need to place our future success in the hands of other people—we can design our destiny today. High achievers understand the value of clarity and courage in reaching their goals and they actively work to create opportunities for action. In this session, we will help working leaders examine their sphere of influence, leverage their skills and motivation, and develop a plan for their future.

Don’t miss an opportunity for your leaders to achieve professional growth and success!

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Working Leader Series Schedule:

March 2021 Start - VIRTUAL

Date Topic
3/24/21 Communication Essentials
4/21/21 On-the-Job Training Techniques
5/19/21 Peer to Peer Feedback
6/23/21 People Smarts: Emotional Intelligence
7/21/21 CEO of You: Lead Yourself to Success

*All sessions are scheduled from 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon.